Late one night in 1976 or 1977 I recorded a handful of my favorite songs in my living room. I recently converted them to mp3 files and set up a really neat player (XSPF web music player from The last track is an elaboration of the first, with accompaniment and added vocal by my son, Steve.

I hope you enjoy the music for what it is (an amateur singer/guitarist playing for his own enjoyment).

Around the same time, several friends (Mary Blossom, Pam Holland, & Barney Alexander) and I decided to go Christmas caroling in our respective neighborhoods. But none of the neighbors seemed to want to listen, so we went to "My Brother's Bar," a popular bar & burger place north of Denver's Larimer Square, where Mary worked (all these years later, the bar is still there, much the same as it was then). The barkeep insisted that we sing for the crowd. They were an incredibly attentive and appreciative audience! The barkeep didn't even ring the cash register while we were singing. Since I had the recorder set up at home, we produced the following "album" to capture the moment. (Since Barney was a low bass, we pitched the songs a step or so lower so I could sing the tenor part. Pam sang alto; and Mary, the crystal clear soprano)